See shoemaker trails

Žiri is deemed to be “the town at the end of the world” which due to its specific geographic position allows a fairly special social and economic development. The Žiri Basin is the cradle of many industries. Apart from shoemaking activities, this place is also an opportunity to see the Rupnik Line fortifications, and the mysterious “Maršota Cave” as well as other cultural and natural sites of interest.

Get to know Alpina and Rupnik line
You are welcome to take a tour of the Alpina factory whose sports shoes put the Žiri region on the world map. You are also encouraged to do some shopping in the Alpina manufacturer's store. Accompanied by a local tourist guide experience the most fascinating underground and aboveground fortification “Goli vrh”.
Make a connection with the Tomaž Kržišnik Garden, Alpina and Žiri
Take a walk through the Tomaž Kržišnik Garden designed by Juta Krulc and continue the journey to the Alpina factory. Get a close-up look at the shoe-making process and buy a pair at a discounted price at the Alpina outlet store.
Following the paths of the Žiri shoemaker
Experience the real Žiri through a story of a Žiri shoemaker. Have a guided tour of the shoemaking collection in the Žiri Museum and see the shoe-manufacturing process in the Alpina factory. The permanent shoemaking collection and exhibition present how the shoemaking industry developed in the Žiri region.