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The Žiri Tourist Society has been striving to provide a genuine tourist experience to both our home and foreign guests since 1950.

GREEN TOURISM: The Žiri basin and its hilly surroundings are ideal for preserving and encouraging new forms of sustainable mobility.


Let's take a trip

To Selo and Pristan
Guided tour
A walk from Stare Žiri by Kržišnik Garden and St Anne's Church at Ledinica to the settlement of Selo. At Pristan Recreational Centre you can try out a ride in a canoe or on a raft across the Sora River.
Hiking with beer tasting included
Free* guided tour
A hiking tour from Stare Žiri to Breznica along a scenic route by the Rapallo border with beautiful views. A tour of the village with beer tasting at a local yet renowned brewery.
Wandering around Žiri
Free* guided tour
A tour of the museum in Stare Žiri, the Kržišnik Garden, the Primožič Gallery of bobbin lace and St Martin's Church. You can explore the Žiri story of Lintvern on foot or by bicycle.

Sites of interest in the Žiri region

We recommend you take a tour of the sites which form the cultural heritage of the town. Read the instructions for the tour and visit the sites either on foot or by bike.

Active tours


You are invited to explore the hidden spots in the Žiri region by (electric) bike. You can set off on the Žiri Cycling Tour route at any time or on the day of the sports-recreational event.


More and more hikers are coming to this “beautiful valley at the end of the world” as the hilly surroundings of Žiri are ideal for walks and hiking. Conquer Mrzli vrh with the highest viewpoint and the Mrzl’k mountain hut.

Fishing and hunting

The Sora River and the surrounding forests provide many opportunities for hunting and fishing in a beautiful natural environment. To buy permits, visit the Žiri Fishing or Hunting Family.

Horse riding and other sports

Experience the exciting horse riding along valleys, forests and hills. Visit the Žiri Equestrian Club at the Pustotnik Sports-Recreational Centre where there is a horse-riding arena, natural bathing site, log cabin, playground and volleyball court.


Renting bikes and e-bikes

Reservation and bike rental

Info point TD Žiri, 064 243 143 or

e-drive@eksist.si, 041 457 990

Price list and online rental:


Other offer

Our gastronomic specialities include a “shoemaker’s meal”, “crackling bread”, “štruklji (rolled dumplings) with chive filling” and others. Experience local cuisine in our local taverns.

Book an accommodation at our providers here in Žiri and in the surroundings. Hikers are invited to visit the Mrzl’k mountain hut with the highest viewpoint atop Mrzli vrh.

Visit local homesteads

and farms which offer baked goods, dried fruit and stews. Book a bread-baking course.


Carnival revelry 2024
Date: 10.02.2024
Start: 14.00

Traditional events

Carnival revelry 2024
Date: 10.02.2024
Start: 14.00
Carnival revelry 2024